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Auxiliary Machine

  • F4-72 Low-pressure Centrifugal Fan

    The low pressure centrifugal fan is widely applied in flour mills aspiration system for supplying air suction source to keep the machine in a minus pressure and no dust spraying out....

  • 9-19/9-26 High-pressure centrifugal fan

    This machine is used for coercive ventilation in industry such as ancient furnace, glass, electroplating, ceramics, etc. and widely used for material transportation in processing industrial like food, feed and slag....

  • TGFY Rotary Feeder

    This machine is also known as rotary airlock, rotary valve, or airlock feeder. As a wind closure and discharging device, it is widely used in the pneumatic conveying network of grain, food, feed, chemical industry and transportation....

  • Electrical & Power Controls

    Automation control panels is the most widely-used system for flour mill plant, it is able to realize automating and is very reliable....

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