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Cleaning Machine

  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

    SCY Pre-cleaning Drum Sieve is mainly used to remove impurities in grains. It can be installed in various food processing plants, rice mill, flour mill, grain silo and other grain-receiving place....

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

    This TQLM planar rotary sifter is used primarily for grain cleaning in the milling plant, such as wheat, durum, corn(maize), rye, soybeans, buckwheat, spelt, millet and rice....

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration Cleaning Sieve

    TQLZ high-frequency vibrating sieve is mainly used for cleaning all kinds of grain, oil and other food, and is suitable for storage, food, feed, chemical and other industries to do cleaning and classification of raw materials. ...

  • TQFX Specific Gravity Destoner

    TQFX grading destoner is widely used in the flour milling, rice milling, feed and food processing industries home and abroad, which make use of the combine effect of wind-force and and vibration, to separate the stone and impurities....

  • TBLM Low-Pressure Pulse Dust Collector

    Low-pressure pulse dust collector applies advanced technology of low-pressure spraying and clearing dust. Widely used to filter flour dust and recycle materials in food industry, light industry, chemical industry, etc....

  • TCXT Permanent Magnetic Drum

    TCXT permanent magnetic drum is made of the latest development of rare earth permanent, it is applicable to magnetic material removal in feed, grain, oil processing, and solvent, brewing process. ...

  • TXFL Suction Separator

    TXFL Suction Separator is wildly used for separating the light and fine impurities from grain effectively without impetus based on the principle of air separation. ...

  • Atomizing Dampener

    The machine adopts high frequency centrifugal principle and advanced electric atomization technology, it is an ideal equipment for grain and cereals processing....

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