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YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine


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YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine Introduction
YXPJ corn embryo suction selecting machine adopts the unique suction structure, allowing clear classification of embryo from corn particles on basis of airflow through the corn material upward gap. Corn kernels move to discharge part under the effect of reciprocating inclined orientation of embryo removal sieve. Corn germ on the upper layer flows into exit part under gravity, which makes the separation of corn germ from corn.
YXPJ corn embryo selecting machine
YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine Features

●Unique embryo selecting structure enables high efficiency embryo section within a certain capacity range through adjusting of embryo baffle height. 

●Unique screen surface structure allows less wind consumption. Embryo sieve inclination with adjustable range of 9-14° assures the best processing result according to different material property.

●Compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance, stable mechanical performance, and small footprint.

●Total enclosed designed embryo selecting machine assures no dust, clean and environmental protective processing of corn germ. 

●Easy operation, free adjustment of air volume, and negative pressure display device.

●Reciprocating mechanism, rubber bearing of hinge part, low vibration, and low noise.

●Widely applicable embryo selecting machine in corn fine and deep processing, alcohol enterprises, feed plants with high utilization value of corn.

YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine Application
1.Used in semidry method and dry method corn processing project. It is the separation equipment for corn germ, corn skin and light impurities to improve corn processing auxiliary products value.
2. It is the core equipment of corn germ extraction in alcohol enterprises, starch enterprises, starch sugar enterprises and feed enterprises. 
YXPJ corn embryo selecting machine             YXPJ corn embryo selecting machine
YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine Working principle 
This machine utilizes the gravity between corn germ and corn granules and the different suspension speed, with the help of the airflow effect upward through the material intervals, urges the germ granules to realize size grading. Under the effect of germ extraction sieve plate which has orient inclined alternating motion, corn granules move towards the discharging end. Under the self-supporting effect, the upper-floating germ flows to the germ discharging port so as to separate the germ from the corn grits. This machine can help us produce germs with higher integrity and purity degree combining with our DTP kneading type germ separating machine. 
The vibrating body is made of qualified aluminum alloy material, which has light weight, stable and reliable performance and long service life.
YXPJ corn embryo selecting machine
YXPJ Corn Embryo Selecting Machine Technical Parameter
Model Capacity
Air Volume
YXPJ-80 1.5-2.5 0.75 3200-3400 350 1380×970×1997
YXPJ-100 1.5-3 0.75 3800-4100 380 1570×1150×1800
YXPJ-125 2.0-4.0 1.1 4800-5100 480 1615×1375×2065
YXPJ-168 4.0-6.0 1.5 7500-7800 550 1826×1550×2365



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