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6F Horizontal Double-Screen Flour Mill


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Automatic Flour Mill Introduction
6F series horizontal double-screen milling machine can be applied to maize/corn processing for individuals and can also be used in food factory to process other grains, such as corn, sorghum, and soybeans, etc. The equipment adopts principle of air-lifting, roller grinding, and sieving cooperation, featured with high-efficiency, stable performance, no dust spilling over, low energy-consumption and convenient maintenance.

6F automatic flour mill
Small Automatic Flour Milling Machine Features
1. Automatic feeding, separating and sieving. One person is OK to operate this four milling machine.
2. Can be applied to milling maize, corn, wheat and sorghum, etc.
3. Low speed and low temperature milling process which can keep grain original flavor and nutrition.

6F small automatic flour mill machine
Main Technical Parameters
1.(1) Output( per hour): 6F-2235:300-350 Kg/h,6F-2240: 400-450 Kg/h, 6F-2250: 500-550 Kg/h (Medium or above wheat)
   (2) Flour quality in line with national GB1355-86 standards.
   (3) Equipped with a total power   
  (4)Weight and Dimension
      6F-2235:800kg   2400×1000×3500mm
      6F-2240:1000kg  2450×1000×3500mm
      6F-2250:1500kg  2500×1000×3500mm

2. Name and specifications of main equipment
(1) Mill machine   6F-2235(6F-2240、6F-2250)  one
(2) Garden style    one or two
(3) Fan  8-23№4.5C   one
(4) Wind closing device    two
(5) Unloader    two
Automatic Flour Milling Machine Application
This automatic wheat milling machine is featured with flexible operation and easy maintenance, which can adapt to multi-processing such as wheat, corn and highland barley. With double screens, it can produce flour of high quality and high output. It is ideal choice for individual business of flour and grain processing.
Our Service
Pre-sale service:
1.Instruction-----Special analysis of our equipment for customers’ understanding.
2.Welcome to visit our factory ,and discuss with our professional technician.
3. Customization---According to your needs and our professional , making the plan suit for you.
On-sale service:
1. Welcome to inspect your goods before loading or we send you the photos.
2. Product quality is guaranteed, all inspection agency documents can be satisfied if necessary.
3. Inspection before loading can be offered if you need.
4. Documents for customs clearance can be supplied.
After-sale service:
1. Calling us to get telephonic advice.
2. Sending email to us to get the solution by mail.
3. Chatting live with us to get online help.
4. Inviting our technician to visit customers place for solving.



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